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Informational Videos

Tara Jenner is the owner and operator of the Brain Trainers.  She is a linguist, speaking four langages, with over a decade of experience as an attorney.  Tara is a gifted conference speaker who presents with enthusiasm and clarity.  Please visit ScholarSquare to view her informational talks covering four different topics.  Each talk runs one hour and is filled with step by step information and suggestions.  Each talk viewed via ScholarsSqaure runs only $10.00.

The four talks include:

  • Proactive Games to Boost Your Preschooler's  Learning - This talk covers specific tips and activities to help encourage proper and strong neural pathway development in your preschooler.

    Learning truly is child’s play, but it needs to be the right kind of play and presented in the correct way! Come discover what underlying cognitive skills make learning easier and how to take games and activities you already know to a greater level of benefit. Don’t just learn to play – play to learn.

Geared for preschoolers, but applicable for older children too.

  • Brain Training - Boost Your Child's Underlying Learning Skills - Come hear answers to questions you may have regarding your child - or possibly even yourself!

    Do you know a child who struggles with school? Do you see potential that is not being met? Find out how to start boosting your child’s learning skills, which will result in easier learning, better retention, and more fun in 12 –24 weeks. And it is permanent!

This is an informational video and not a training program.


  • Discipline or Disability - This session addresses how “invisible disabilities” in the form of cognitive skills and/or sensory processing may be contributing to problem behavior.

    Learn how to put on your detective’s hat to find out the cause and effect of your child's behavior. Probing questions and tips are given to help you set your children up for success.

    This class also applies equally to students with no learning challenges, as it addresses learned behavior and parental "operator error" issues.


  • Can Do Cubes: Reading and Phonics - With her love for language, Tara has done the research for you. You can now choose the best reading and spelling program for you family.

    Reading and spelling are two sides of the same coin. So how come most curricula teach these as separate disciplines? Come find the perfect phonics program that teaches both skills concurrently.

    Whether you are dealing with a novice reader and speller, one in need of remediation, or someone who needs reinforcement – this talk is for you! The very young, as well as those with writing difficulties, can succeed with this program.

This program is a featured item on our products page

All four talks are also available for purchase from this site if you would like to have them in your home DVD collection.  Please visit our products page for further details.


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