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Can Do Cubes Phonics

Debbie Hepplewhite's Synthetic Phonics for Can Do Cubes a New Phonics Program for Home Use. 

Recommended by the Dyslexia Institute.

Can Do Cubes


Product Now Available.   The Brain Trainers have been searching high and low for a home study phonics program that we feel is compatible with Brain Potential Institute's cognitive skills training approach. It is Can Do Cubes Systematic Phonics.   It is not created by the same people, but the same thought and research quality are found to exist. 

Like Brain Potential Institute's approachCan Do Cubes Systematic Phonics starts with the sounds (43-44 different sounds depending upon who you consult) of English and then sets out the written codes that can be used to represent those sounds.  Also Can Do Cubes Systematic Phonics will teach all the sounds and codes of the English language in about 12 weeks. 

Unlike many other programs on the market, Can Do Cubes Systematic Phonics does not insult the intelligence of older learners with difficulties.  Lets face it NO one wants to read about fuzzy bunnies when they are over the age of 7!  At the same time, is it is set up with the student in mind who may have difficulty writing...this includes very young children who have yet to master fine motor skills. Can Do Cubes Systematic Phonics can be used with multiple children with the purchase of just one kit!  We are also working on importing the companion program that addresses grammar usage in an exciting and dynamic hands on way.

Both the Phonics and Grammar program are non-consumable in nature.  Using a multisensory medium, they are a great fit for children who learn through touch and manipulatives.

***Please note that if you or your student has an auditory processing disorder, that issue will need to be resolved before starting either Can Do Cubes Systematic Phonics.



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