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We look forward to helping you understand what cognitive skills disabilities are and how our programs can improve, and in many cases overcome, these deficiencies.  To best help you with this, we have placed a great deal of information on this site.  It is our hope that most of your questions will be answered in the convenience of your home.  We will update and add to the information on this site to keep as current as possible in the advancing science of brain function.  If you have additional questions it would be our pleasure to assist you .

Please visit our site again soon, as we are regularly adding new programs, games, and activities for purchase for use in your home.  Each product we select for inclusion on this site is carefully evaluated for value and efficacy, with an emphasis on items which will enhance congitive function and learning skills while supplying hours of fun and enjoyment for all.  We are very selective about our products and will only place items on our site that we can fully endorse. 

In the meantime, we hope you find the information about Genius in Training, CLUES, LABS, and other Brain Potential Institute training protocols to be of assistance.   

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