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Mighty MindMighty MindGreat activity for visual processing and executive functioning & planning skills. Fun for all ages and great for older kids to help teach younger siblings. Price includes shipping and handling via USPS.
RightStart™ Mathematics - Math Card Games KitRightStart™ Mathematics - Math Card Games KitEverything you need to play math games and to enjoy math! Includes the AL Abacus Junior, 6 card decks, laminated fraction charts, and the 4th edition Math Card Games book plus instructional DVD. Price includes shipping and handling via USPS.
River CrossingRiver CrossingRiver Crossing™ The Perilous Plank Game The journey home is a perilous one in this best-selling strategy game. Players begin by positioning tree stumps and magnetic planks on the game board according to pictures on each challenge card. The object is to get their fearless backpacker safely across the water by moving the planks between stumps. With an imaginative game design and varying levels of difficulty, River Crossing offers hours of adventure. Ages 8+/Single Player Learning Skills: Creative Thinking, Problem Solving, Sequential Reasoning Features • 4 Levels of Play, Beginner to Expert • 40 Mind Challenge Cards™ with Solutions • Hiker Game Piece, 25 Stumps and Planks A fantastic game that challenges your visual processing and visual memory skills while working logic and reasoning skills. Increasing difficulty makes this game a great brain training activity! PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING & HANDLING VIA USPS. Other shipping options are available only upon request a
Spot It!Spot It!There is always one, and only one, matching symbol between and TWO game cards. SPOT IT and you win! This game takes a sharp eye and speed. Four different games. Price includes shipping via USPS. Other shipping options not available without contacting The Brain Trainers for special pricing.
SuperMindSuperMindThe sequel to Mighty Mind with more advanced puzzle cards, more challenging fun! Your child will succeed as they learn to build and solve complex jigsaw puzzles! 32 colorful design shapes. 30 advanced design cards become increasingly more challenging. Storage tray & instructions included. Parents Choice Honor Toy. Teachers Choice Award. Dr Toy Award. Parenting Magazine's Hall of Fame. Ages 5-9. Price includes shipping and handling via USPS.
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