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RightStart™ Mathematics - Math Card Games Kit

RightStart™ Mathematics - Math Card Games Kit
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Everything you need to play math games and to enjoy math! Includes the AL Abacus Junior, 6 card decks, laminated fraction charts, and the 4th edition Math Card Games book plus instructional DVD
The 300 card games in the manual provide practice in learning concepts and the facts. Chapters on:
The games become progressively harder within each chapter. Use with any math program. Also excellent for remedial work. Use with all Levels/Grades.

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Mighty Mind

Mighty Mind
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Mighty Mind, the award-winning highest rated 5-star activity set!
Mighty Mind includes pattern cards and a pouch full of colorful "tangram" pieces that kids put together in various ways to make pictures. Starting with very simple cards and progressively getting more challenging, this extraordinarily popular brain game develops problem-solving skills for ages 3-8.

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The sequel to Mighty Mind with more advanced puzzle cards, more challenging fun! Your child will succeed as they learn to build and solve complex jigsaw puzzles! 32 colorful design shapes. 30 advanced design cards become increasingly more challenging. Storage tray & instructions included. Parents Choice Honor Toy. Teachers Choice Award. Dr Toy Award. Parenting Magazine's Hall of Fame. Ages 5-9.

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Building Your Brain Potential
 Visit our new membership website by going to Brain Trainers Connection

The Brain Trainers have been helping children and adults with learning challenges (as well as those who are gifted or gifted with a “glitch”) maximize their brain’s potential in a clinical one-on one setting for over 6 years. Membership to Brain Trainers Connection will give you the tools to do much of the training yourself from the comfort of your home for a fraction of the cost.  Please visit the site to view the introduction video and register for monthly training videos and other materials.

Tara Jenner
Cognitive Skills Trainer
Owner and Operator of
The Brain Trainers and
Brain Trainers Connection

Subscriptions are only $14.97 per month with the first month at an introductory rate of only $4.97.  Cancel at any time.  Payments conveniently made on a recurring schedule through Paypal.

Cognitive skills training protocols designed and developed by Brain Potential Institute are available in my training center as well as via Skype.  

I have had the opportunity to become fully versed in the unique and advanced cognitive skills training program system designed and developed by Jane Davis of Brain Potential Institute (BPI).

I exclusively use BBI's “Building Better Brains” protocols.  With a new screening test battery, The Brain Trainers now can evaluate learning skill deficits in individuals as young as 3 years old while providing detailed analysis of the strengths and weakness of the skills.

Brain Potential Institute’s cognitive skills training programs are tailored to the specific needs of the student taking into account age, medical indications, cognitive deficits, as well as sensory issues, fine and gross motor components as well as speech and social components in need of enhancement.

Designed and developed by Jane Davis, PT, M.S.H.P, the training programs now available through The Brain Trainers come with a unique approach.  As a pediatric physical therapist, who herself has Cerebral Palsy and underwent years of therapy herself, Jane has developed and designed her programs to work cognitive training with overlays of PT,OT, Speech and other therapies.  Recognizing the need for therapy to have rapid results and to be fun for the recipient, the program is individually tailored to the needs of the student with a focus on their weakness, resulting in rapid improvements without wasted time on skills that are adequately intact.

The programs available through The Brain Trainers now include:

QTπ (pronounced “cutie pie”) – a program designed for the 3 years to 5 year old

Genius In Training (G.I.T.) – comprehensive cognitive skills training offering over 46 potential skill activities from which to develop a student driven training protocol

CLUES- Cognitive skills training with a specific focus on auditory sound analysis development.  Introduction of 26 sounds and codes provides a sound neurological repair of the auditory sound analysis system.

LABS – Language Arts Blueprint System introduces the rest of the sounds (there are 44) and all the possible codes used to represent these sounds in the English language.  In addition to completing the full English language sound code neurological pathways, this protocol addresses reading comprehension, reading fluency, vocabulary skills, and written expression, to name a few.

Grey Matters – A cognitive skills training program specifically designed to address difficulties associated with memory loss, stroke and other medical conditions more frequently seen in a more senior population.

QTπ, G.I.T, and Grey Matters may be worked in concert with CLUES and LABS for a complete neurological overhaul.

For those who are not local to the Fort Myers, Florida area, Brain Potential Institute offers their one-on-one cognitive skills training program utilizing Skype for video teleconferencing for one on one training remotely without compromising the training results. VOLT (Virtual On-Line Training) may be the approach that is best for you.

For more information regarding our in-house training options, Skype training through Brain Potential Institute and our new membership website Brain Trainers Connection, please contact Tara Jenner, Managing Director of The Brain Trainers at 239-218-4307.

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